Monday, February 13, 2012

Creation Articles

Hebrews 11:6
". . . for he that cometh to God must believe that He is . . ."

In the Beginning
Neither Side Can Claim Science

In the beginning of this series, I want you to see the crux of the human part of this battle. Evolutionists fight intensely to convince judges (who are not trained in the field of biology), lawyers (who are not trained in the field of biology), parents (many of whom are not trained in the field of biology), politicians (who are not trained in the field of biology), and many of those in the fields of science and education (who are not trained in the field of biology) to believe that evolution represents "science" and creationism represents faith. Yet, because we do not have recurring, reproducible phenomena and because no one observed how life came to this planet when it was first formed, neither side can claim that it is scientific.

Evolutionists claim that they will be able to someday show in test tubes, etc. evidence that life's beginning was an accident. In the meantime, their view is not science and does not have supporting evidence. The very nature of all of this kind of experimentation is prejudiced against them because the use of test tube apparatuses proves that it took intelligence. They are looking at the effect giving "guesses" and "suggestions" about the cause. THIS IS NOT SCIENCE. IT IS FAITH! The evolutionist's search for truth is a subjective study and not an objective study.

Dr. R. L. Wysong has a DVM (Doctor of veterinary medicine) from Michigan State University. In his excellent book, The Creation Evolution Controversy (I highly recommend it), page 231, he has a cartoon of a scientist with a very large test tube apparatus and a blackboard with equations on it. The caption reads, "If I can just synthesize life here . . . then I'll have proven that NO intelligence was necessary to form it in the beginning!" I hope you see the inherent obvious problem.

One of the big problems of evolutionists claiming "science" is that they have to show how intelligent design exists in our universe without a creator. They say it is an accident. The DNA molecule contains 3 billion nucleotides, made up of 3 billion phosphate molecules, 3 billion sugar molecules, and 3 billion bases in perfect sequence with all the codes for the cell's synthesis of all the proteins which are composed of all left-handed amino acids in a perfect sequence all folded perfectly. The DNA also has all the coded information for every organ in the embryological development of the baby. Evolutionists have to show the world how this can be attributed to the colossal gigantic accident, evolution.

My purpose in these articles is to give our young people and parents a glimpse of how big the accident is. The philosophy of evolution is hiding this fact from the public. Remember, when all is said and done, evolutionists have to explain intelligent design from the standpoint of nondirectional, nonintelligent natural forces! The great organization of life demands positive directed intelligent construction. Nature's forces do not have this ability. A tornado going through a scrap yard could not form an M1 tank, although that would be much simpler than the formation of the first cell.

Creationists believe that all the evidence in the natural world points to an omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent creator. You have to choose because it's one or the other. No one could show, by any means, all the colossal magnitude of God's design in the universe. There is not enough paper in Indiana to show forth God's marvelous design.

I Will Repeat Myself In These Articles
Please understand that many concepts will  be repeated throughout these articles. This is consistent with my philosophy of education simply called: Review, Repeat, Review, Repeat, Reinforce, Review until It's Clear.

Look At The Evidence In A Courtroom Trial
Since neither creation nor evolution is science, our children need to view this as a courtroom trial that presents evidence. In my articles, there will be evidence to support creation. The jury has to decide!