In 1968 Norm was a very dedicated Roman Catholic teaching religious education at Catholic Central High School in Grand Rapids, Michigan. After intensely studying the Scripture he received Christ as his Lord and Savior. He immediately began to preach the gospel and received ridicule and reproach from his catholic friends, colleagues and immediate family. His first convert to Christ was a Roman Catholic nun named Sister Rosalie. Since then he has served the Lord in over 1100 revival and evangelistic meetings and to God's glory there have been recorded thousands of decisions for Christ.

He has preached in homes, local churches, tent revivals, Christian schools, factories, public schools, jails, prisons, creation science conferences, prophecy conferences, country fair booths, banquets, Christian colleges, and summer camps.

In doctrine he preaches the Blood, the Book, and the Blessed Hope, holding to the historic Baptist Faith. He opposes modernism, liberalism, the charismatic tongues movement, neo-Evangelicalism and the ecumenical movement.

He has been holding creation science seminars since 1981. He has shared the pulpit and spoken in the same conferences with some of the finest creationists in the movement. Pastors have said that his slide presentations contain some of the most unique pictures in the entire creation science movement. Norm holds a degree in biology.

He has written a book called Ammunition For Piercing the Armor Of The Philosophy Of Evolution. Dr. Kent Hovind said in commenting about Ammunition, "I have read hundreds of books on the creation/evolution subject and yours would rate up near the top with the best of them." He also wrote, The Treasure In Earthen Vessels: a religion teacher encounters the gospel. It is an account of the Lord's leading him to Christ from Catholicism.

Norm married Teri Hubble in 1971. They have six children and nineteen grandchildren.