Creation Briefs

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The Title: The Creation Briefs
The Premise
Brief   1.  In The Beginning
Brief   2.  Two Interesting Quotes For Charles Darwin
Brief   3.  The Philosophy Of Evolution Is Not A Theory!
Brief   4.  Does "Could Have," "May Have," Or "We Suggest" Equal Scientific Fact?
Brief   5.  Darwin, The Copycat!
Brief   6.  The Battle Lines
Brief   7.  Variation In Created Kinds Is God's Gift To Mankind
Brief   8.  Have Dominion
Brief   9.  Does The Bible Teach Design? Does Creation Display It?
Brief 10.  Is The Formation Of Proteins An Accident Or Creation?
Brief 11.  The DNA And Proteins Work In Perfect Harmony 
Brief 12.  Life Is The Marvelous Function Of The Whole 
Brief 13.  No Intelligence Was Necessary To Form The Cell?
Brief 14.  Personification Of The Prebiotic Soup
Four Things God Wants You To Know
Brief 15.  Our Children Are Coerced To Believe That Evolution Is A Fact!
Brief 16.  The Systems And Organs Of The Body
Brief 17.  The Musculoskeletal System
Brief 18.  The Urinary Tract
Brief 19.  The Function And Process Of The Digestive System
Brief 20.  The Assassination And Rejection Of The Scientific Method
Brief 21.  What Needs To Be Observed For Evolution To Be Scientific
Brief 22.  Nazi Germany And Evolution Today
Brief 23.  The Rest Of The Story—One 
Brief 24.  The Rest Of The Story—Two 
Brief 25.  GMOs Are Manmade Mutations
Brief 26.  Evolution Defense Lobby Groups
Brief 27.  The Second Law of Thermodynamics and Evolution
Brief 28.  In Conclusion—One
Brief 29.  In Conclusion—Two
Brief 30.  In Conclusion—Three